Senior Trainer

Corinne, CPDT-KA is a passionate advocate for animal rescue, fostering puppies through a local rescue organization, and was rescued by two dogs herself. She has a B.A. in psychology from the University of Connecticut and is studying animal behavior through the Hunter College Master's program in animal behavior and conservation.

Corinne was a head dog trainer and dog training mentor for Petco in Manhattan for 3 years before joining Shelby's team, and is a proud member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She loves helping dogs and owners develop a positive relationship using force free, positive methods. Corinne lives in NYC with her American Pit Bull Terrier mix Logan, and her Plott Hound-Boxer mix Norman.

  • I had Corinne help me work with my year and a half old rescue, who was extremely anxious and protective of me. Corinne knew exactly how to handle my dog, and gave me so many suggestions for keeping her busy and calm in my small nyc apt while I was away during the day. She worked with my schedule and was very responsive to email and follow up questions. Definitely would recommend this trainer to anyone needing help with their dog!
    — Lauren S.
  • This review is for our experience working with Corinne. In short: she’s fantastic and I highly recommend you hire her. Our yorkie had some dog issues (lunged and growled at dogs that passed her on the street) and other minor troubles. Corinne was extremely helpful in showing us how to use positive reinforcement to improve my dog’s behavior. When my 6.5 lbs yorkie gained one pound in about 3 weeks, Corinne offered tips on how to reward my dog so that she no longer gains weight. She also remembered about my dog’s allergies. Our yorkie loved her immediately (probably more than she loved us) from the moment we met Corinne. In addition to helping us redirect our pup, Corinne was very knowledgeable about the resources available to pet owners, from toys that would keep your pup busy during the day to music that could help relax your dog. When we prepared for a cross-country move (from NY to CA) Corinne offered tips on how to make the move less stressful for our dog. Overall, I highly highly recommend Corinne. She was super patient with us (we’re the neurotic, overprotective parents who sometimes can be too permissive) and was very responsive to the numerous questions we sent via email, offering corrections and suggestions on how to best serve our dog. Thanks so much, Corinne!
    — Olga G.
  • I really liked working with Corinne. She is on time, professional, and knowledgeable. She had a great rapport with our puppy and was able to teach her a few things very quickly! I highly recommend her.
    — Olivia S.
  • We are having a great experience with Corinne! She is both extremely efficient (she most recently taught Tucker how to give a high five in about 5 minutes) and very patient with Tucker’s anxiety outside.Most importantly though, we always feel like she leaves us with new knowledge and clear cut instructions on how to work with Tucker in between sessions. If we ever have any questions, she always responds quickly and with a lot of detail and/or helpful resources. We are extremely happy with Tucker’s progress so far!
    — Kylie S.