This Is The Best Way To Housebreak Your Puppy

Teaching a puppy to do her business outside — rather than on the living room carpet — requires patience, organization and consistency. While many of us struggle to apply these principles to our own lives, they are essential when training a new puppy.

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How To Tell If Your Dog's Lonely When He's Home Alone

While most dog owners would love nothing more than to spend every waking minute hanging with their pups, for 9-to-5ers, that’s usually not an option. When you see that all-too-familiar baleful look when you leave for the office, it’s natural to assume that your dog is lonely.

Unfortunately, our dogs can’t just come out and say how they’re feeling. So how can you tell if your dog is lonely while you’re away? Your pup will make it pretty clear when you have a problem on your hands.

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DOGTV Entertains Your Pooch While You're Away

 "Leave a little love on" is one of the mottos of DOGTV, the first network designed just for Lassie, Snoopy and Toto. DOGTV was founded by Ron Levi and Guy Martinovsky, two guys who loved animals and thought it would be a great idea to have something that could entertain them when they were home alone. Ironically the idea was sparked by a cat. Eventually Ron knew he was onto something.

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Shelby Semel Dog Training Inc.

11 Leadership Lessons from Puppy Training

Earlier this year, we got a new poodle puppy. Grunt, the chocolate brown miniature, is the 5th poodle to grace my world. Some think poodles are silly, but actually as dogs go, they are among the smartest, most versatile, and most loveable canines. One guy actually had them pull a sled for the Iditarod. In fact, they are so amazing, I have never really understood why people would bother crossing them with a Labrador to create the abomination called labradoodles.

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Shelby Semel NYC Dog Training :: PIX 11

Pet Safety Tips for 4th of July Festivities with Shelby Semel

The 4th of July can be a stressful time for your pets. Shelby Semel shares her advice on keeping your pets calm and safe during the festivities.

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Shelby Semel NYC Dog Training :: BarkPost

Your Dog’s 12 Most Obnoxious Habits And How To Fix Them

I’m no dog training expert, but luckily BarkPost has a great one for articles like this! Shelby Semel serves New York’s frustrated pup owners, helping them solve their doggy dilemmas with positive reinforcement. According to Semel, most common puppy faux “paws” are easy to tweak if you know the root cause of the behaviors and how to respond to them. Here are 12 things that our pups do that drive us nuts, and how you can nip them in the bud!

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5 Reasons To Encourage Your Monster Of Destruction

While I love to treat Levi like my little human child there’s nothing that reminds me he’s still a dog more than watching him tear his toys to shreds. If you’ve ever watched your dog do something similar and thought to yourself “this is why we can’t have nice things” we’re probably on the same page. 

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Shelby Semel NYC Dog Training :: BuzzFeed

5 Days to Becoming Your Dog's Best Friend

Our 5-day course to becoming your dog’s best friend includes daily tips, tricks, and suggestions that will make sure your pup is as happy and healthy as can be. We spoke with dog trainer Shelby Semel, Purina veterinarian Dr. Kurt Venator, and veterinarian Michael Woltz to get expert advice on everything from suggestions for bonding time to the importance of monitoring your dog’s health. 

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Shelby Semel NYC Dog Training :: The Real Deal

Sniffing out Manhattan’s dog-friendly buildings

From Luxury Listings NYC: Pity the pooches in these dog days of summer—unless, of course, they belong to the canine Upper Class. Those pedigreed few have masters who are truly affluent. No expense is too great, no matter how barking mad it might seem; they think the “lap” in lap dog refers to the lap of luxury.

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