Thanksgiving Tips!

Thanksgiving can be time-consuming and a ton of work between cooking and getting ready for your guests, but please don't neglect the dog!Try to stick with his regular schedule of walks and playtime or look into getting help from a family member or dog walker/daycare.Tiring your dog out before your guests arrive is key!

Safety tips and reminders: 

*Prepare a dog safe room or gated area away from all the commotion with his bed, water, classical music playing, and a bone or interactive chew toy.

*Keep dog out of the kitchen while you are preparing dinner.Turn all pot and pan handles inward on the stove and keep food items covered and off the edges of counter top and table.

*Throw out all garbage as you go along...we don't want your pup trash collecting while you spend time with your guests!

*When guests are arriving, have your pup on leash or in their safe room to avoid door bolting and excited jumping.

*Please instruct your guests that they shouldn't give him any food during the meal or at any other time because deviation from his diet can upset his stomach.

 *If Children are among your guests, tell them to let your dog approach them, even if they know him from previous visits. They should stand still like a tree and let your dog sniff him. The children can pet him ONLY if his tail is wagging and he wants the attention. Remember, NO HUGGING THE DOG - dogs don't like to be hugged. Interactions between dogs and kids should be supervised 100% of the time, especially on a holiday that may be stressful to the dog. 

*Practice your "Leave-it" and "Drop-it" commands before-hand for backup!!

If your dog is exhibiting any of these signs of stress, take him out for a quick walk/ break and then put him in his safe area: 

 -Constant Yawning-Ears pinned back-Panting-Drooling-Pacing-Unwilling to take food or treats-Whale eye ( can see whites of their eyes)-Constant Lip Licking-Hiding-Whining/Barking-Loss of bladder control/bowel movement