Puppy Chewing!

Have a new puppy who is intent on chewing your high heels and your dining room chairs? Here are some quick Do's, Don'ts, and Reminders when it comes to this topic:


*If you have a puppy, expect chewing. Provide him with his own toys and teach him to use them or he will destructively chew anything available, such as your furniture, carpet, clothing or shoes.

*Dogs do not chew and destroy your house and belongings because they are angry, jealous or spiteful. They do it because they are puppies. They may be lonely, bored, frustrated or anxious, but they are not malicious or vindictive. Active puppies can become restless when alone for long periods. Chewing is a form of stress and energy relief.

*Until your puppy can be trusted not to destroy your home and yard, do not give him free, unsupervised run of your house. Give him a containment area ( Or crate) of his own where he can enjoy himself and relax when you are not home or are unable to supervise him.


-Encourage and Praise your pup when they are doing the CORRECT thing and are chewing a bone or toy.

-If you catch your pup inappropriately chewing, interrupt with "Hey" or Clapping or tutting/Kissy noise.When they stop and look up for a moment, thank them, praise them, call them over ( use touch target). Redirect with a few easy commands and reward with something they CAN chew on.This teaches right from wrong.

- Rotate toys, 3 at a time, so there is always something exciting for your puppy to have.

- Save highest value chews for most important times, ie leaving puppy alone and witching hours.

-Spray bitter apples on places you know your puppy tends to chew.


-Punish puppy if you come home and find that your puppy has destroyed something.

- Leave out every single toy!

-Leave puppy with no toys!

- Let puppy free roam when you are not there or unable to watch.

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