Dating for Your Dog!

Looking for Puppy Love?

In the days and weeks leading up to Valentine's day ( and always!) , remember that dogs need to go on dates too!

I encourage owners to set up their friendly dogs on doggy dates during the winter to encourage social interactions and for exercise as well.

Finding the right partner:

Since your dogs can't use Tinder, its up to you to play matchmaker.

Dates should be set up based on temperament, IE you do not want the worlds shyest adult Chihuahua having a blind date with an outgoing Wheaton puppy.This date would end before appetizers.

Try to find a dog that has a similar play style.Different sizes are okay as long as you know how your dog will respond and react in that situation.

Picking the right location:

Location will set the tone of the playdate.

If your dog is territorial of your apartment, having the location in a neutral zone is best. In this case, organized playgroups ( and Stonehenge yappy hours!) are ideal.

For dogs without territorial issues, a warm living room is a perfect pick.Meet in the lobby or outside and let the dogs say hello on leash. Then walk inside together.

How to Prepare:

Lift up or block off carpet area if pups are young and not housetrained yet! Take away food bowls, toys, bones, and beds, so there is nothing for the dogs to become possessive over.

Keep the date short if they are young or new to each other.Think of it as going for drinks rather than a full three-course meal.That can be date #2 J

Once you work up to longer dates, they will need pee breaks or chewing/training breaks to break up the play so the arousal level does not get too high.

Ending the date:

Make sure you end the date before the dogs are overtired and grumpy and starting to play inappropriately. You always want to end the date on a high!!