Cold Weather Tips!

Cold Weather Tip #1 :

Desensitize your dog slowly to its sweater and/or Coat. Do this slowly over a few days by using high value treats as you put it on. Then spend 2 minutes doing training or playing around. This will ensure they are comfy in their new gear and will be okay to walk and eliminate while wearing it outside!

Cold Weather Tip #2:

Find ways to tire out your dog that doesn't involve being outside. Your puppy/dog still needs to blow off steam, even in the winter! Some ideas are: Playdates. Daycare. Group Classes/ training. High value chew bones and Interactive Toys.

Cold Weather Tip #3:  

Ice melting chemicals and salt can cause burning so wipe your dogs paws off when you come indoors ( or use booties outside. See tip #1).

Cold Weather Tip #4 :

Don't let your groomer get scissor happy! Keep your dogs hair/fur long until just before spring. Trims only!